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Why do top financial professionals work with First American Brokerage?
Knowledge… We share advanced marketing concepts and sales strategies that other wholesalers are not familiar with.
Understanding… We make it easy for you to understand how these concepts and strategies work so you become the expert to your clients.
Experience… We have the experience and expertise to work with your Advanced Marketing Concepts, Large Case Design and Difficult Underwriting Cases due to medical conditions or financial underwriting, to get your clients approved.
Simplicity… We provide you with sales concepts and marketing strategies that your client can understand and believe in, strengthening the relationship between you and your client.
Priceless… We pay the most competitive compensation in the industry, yet there’s more than just commissions…providing the best products available to meet the needs of your client.
Financial Service Professionals…
If you are currently working with another wholesaler…

You should ask yourself…
If you are not currently working with First American Brokerage…

You should ask yourself…
Why Not?
Experience the Difference…First American Brokerage!

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You can contact us by phone at (301) 823-8020
Please send marketing inquiries to James Edwards
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